CIDT helps facilitate a new Decent Work Country Strategy for the ILO in Albania

Head of CIDT Philip N. Dearden supported an intensive Results Based Management (RBM), Monitoring, and Evaluation (M&E) workshop held in Tirana, Albania from 17-18 November 2021 as an integral part of the formulation of a new International Labour Organisation (ILO) Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP). Thirty-five representatives from the Albanian Government, Trade Unions, Employers Organisations, and the ILO attended the workshop.

The workshop aimed to provide a refresher on RBM and M&E and practically apply key concepts as part of the formulation of a new Decent Work Country Programme for Albania.

The workshop gathered ideas and built consensus around the national decent work programme, feeding into the draft e DWCP framework for the next four years. By design, this framework aligns well with the new United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-26 for Albania.

The first draft DWCP will be developed into a full and detailed strategic plan through a series of agreed participatory actions over the next three months.

Specific topics covered in the intensive multi-stakeholder workshop were:

  • The rationale for results measurement and the ‘results chain’
  • Seven simple planning steps and seven key questions to ask
  • Key concepts of results measurement and its application to the formulation of a DWCP
  • Practical monitoring, review and evaluation tools

Feedback on all major aspects of the workshop design and delivery was very positive. Many participants commented on how much they had enjoyed the face to face workshop and on the practical value to their work. Comments received included:

  • I appreciate all the concepts we learned about the step-by-step drafting of strategic documents, through defining in a concrete and detailed way the relevant outcomes and indicators under specific priorities.
  • The concepts around the green economy and green jobs are very new and we are interested to learn further on the green economy concept.
  • Very clear concepts on strategic planning which will assist us in our work.
  • Cooperation among the participants. Friendly and encouraging environment for critical thinking.
  • The whole process of active listening, respecting everyone’s ideas and reaching an agreement on issues of common interest should be highlighted.
  • Excellent efforts to agree decisions. All good things. The manual.
  • Very intensive and very useful seminar.
  • The seminar methodology was “Unique”.

A few photographs of the workshop

Markus Pilgrim, Director, ILO DWT Budapest opening the workshop

Mr Ardit Kaja, Director General, State Labour and Social Services Inspectorate, Ministry of Finance and Economy, Ms Zhulieta Harasani, ILO National Coordinator for Albania, Ms Fiona McCluney UNRC, UN and Ms Bora Muzhaqi, Minister, Ministry of Youth all spoke at the opening ceremony before Philip Dearden, the facilitator, started the practical activities of the workshop.


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