CIDT helps deliver the 2017 ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ course at BIPM in Paris

BIPM Leaders for Tomorrow

Above: Course participants and tutors 


In November 2017, Philip Dearden helped to facilitate the second international ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ course at the Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM) in Paris, France. As an integral part of the Leaders for Tomorrow course, the ‘Sound Beginning in CIPM MRA’ programme welcomed 24 participants from 20 different countries.

The BIPM is the intergovernmental organisation through which countries act together on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards. Courses such as this help countries with emerging metrology systems to overcome the challenges faced when integrating into the system of international standards of measurement.

Prior to the course, participants successfully completed CIDT’s online Results Based Management course. A face-to-face technical programme of study was followed by five intensive days of strategic and programme planning work led by Philip Dearden. During the workshop sessions, five teams of staff developed a range of strategic programmes for future implementation. Ideas were shared, developed, critiqued and then the final proposed programmes presented.

In the feedback on the programme a range of very positive comments were made:

  • All components of this course were useful. However the aspect of learning by doing was excellent.”
  • “The course is hands on and participants are asked to carry the task in order to understand.”
  • “Group work strategy was the best and must be maintained.”
  • “The course content was great and the professional trainers worked with us very well as real team members.”
  • “The course was very well structured and every aspect was important.”
  • “This training was very effective and helped us understand how to develop a good project and then implement it effectively.”

The mission of the BIPM is to ensure and promote the global comparability of measurements, including providing a coherent international system of units for: Scientific discovery and innovation; Industrial manufacturing and international trade; and Sustaining the quality of life and the global environment. The unique role of the BIPM enables it to achieve its mission by developing the technical and organizational infrastructure of the International System of Units (SI) as the basis for the worldwide traceability of measurement results. This is achieved both through technical activities in its laboratories and through international coordination.

Find out more about this programme at the BIPM website.

Photos from the interactive sessions

Course participants and tutors celebrate a sucessful course

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