CIDT helps deliver the 2016 ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ course at BIPM in Paris

BIPM 2016 “Leaders of Tomorrow” Programme

BIPM 2016 “Leaders of Tomorrow” Programme

Above: The BIPM 2016 “Leaders of Tomorrow” Programme – course participants and tutors

The Head of CIDT, Philip Dearden, was asked to help facilitate an international ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ course at the Bureau International des Poids et Measures (BIPM) in Paris, France.

The BIPM is the intergovernmental organisation through which countries worldwide act together on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.

Its mission is to ensure and promote the global comparability of measurements, including providing a coherent international system of units for:

  • Scientific discovery and innovation;
  • Industrial manufacturing and international trade; and
  • Sustaining the quality of life and the global environment.

As an integral part of their Leaders for Tomorrow programme, the 18 participants (from 14 different countries) first completed CIDT’s online Results Based Management (RBM) course. This was a prerequisite for the in-person training programme. Feedback from the participants on the online course included the following:

  • The course is interactive. While doing it you are working through examples and there’s continuous feedback whether you’re on the right path or not.
  • It’s well-structured and divided into several parts, so one does not need to complete it all in one go.
  • The course offered an in-depth training on real situations regarding our day to day activities, and if well applied in real life, one can change the operations around his/her environment with possible improved outcomes.

Prof. Philip Dearden of CIDT led three intensive days of strategic and programme planning work, which followed onfrom an intensive technical programme of study.  . During those three days of workshop sessions, four teams  developed a range of strategic programmes for future implementation.   Ideas were shared, developed, critiqued and then final proposed programmes presented.

A range of very positive comments were made by the participants about the CIDT-facilitated workshop:

  • “I have gained a lot of useful knowledge in a short space of time.”
  • “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to meet everyone here from different countries and cultures – it’s been a wonderful experience.”
  • “The knowledge and practice gained from this course will be extremely helpful to me. In addition I plan to pass on what I have gained to my team back home.”
  • “I really enjoyed the interactions and learning from each other – thank you so much for facilitating this so effectively.”
  • “Before I didn’t understand the course title – now I do! I know what I have to do and I will do it!:

Above left: Dr Douglas Olsen, Prof. Philip Dearden, Chingis Kuanbayev and Andy Henson – the key course leaders and facilitators.
Above right: Course participants and tutors all celebrate a successful course!

Interactive workshop sessions and presentations

Luc Erard and Andy Henson present participants with certificates

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