CIDT continue their Managing for Development Results (MfDR) capacity development work with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Capacity development work with the Caribbean Development Bank


Philip Dearden, Head of CIDT, and Ms Lebrechtta Nana Oye Hesse-Bayne, CIDT Associate, conducted a second Managing for Development Results (MfDR) workshop for staff and consultants of the Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services Network’s Cooperating Institutions. The workshop, held in Jamaica between 1- 6 May 2016, brought together participants from Belize and five islands in the Caribbean, namely Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In his welcoming words Michel Thomas, Operations Officer (CTCS) Private Sector Development Division of CDB noted the importance of the workshop and the key role of the participants in firstly learning about MfDR and then sharing it in their own workplaces with both colleagues and client groups.

In officially opening the workshop Edward Greene (Division Chief, Technical Cooperation Division, CDB) spoke about the importance of MfDR in the CDB. He outlined the importance of the Bank focusing on “results” more so than “inputs” and/or “activities”. The important issues of both accountability and reporting were also both explained and stressed. In relation to reporting on “Results,” it was noted that the CDB now needs to engender all key indicators and build upon clearly defined baselines.

This Workshop follows a similar event in Barbados last year, in which 13 CDB Borrowing Member Countries participated. National workshops on MfDR are now being rolled out in these countries. See our previous news item.

Prior to the workshops, an MfDR training handbook was developed by CIDT for specific use at the workshop.  This handbook used a Caribbean case study on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) project development so that all participants could easily relate to it. Tailor-made training manuals on the development of training courses and individual training sessions were also provided. These were all well received and found to be very useful by participants.

During the workshop participants worked enthusiastically on the development of real projects for their own areas of work. The general quality of the training of trainers (TOT) work undertaken and presented on the last day of the workshop by the participants was very high.

Evaluation feedback on the workshop was very positive with many participants reporting that they had both fully engaged in the workshop process and learned a lot of practical, useful information and new skills. For many, the concepts surrounding MfDR had been demystified in a practical and useful manner. Many had increased their confidence in being able to train others. Participants reiterated that they found the handbooks and training materials developed for the workshop to be very useful.  See also this news item.

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Below: The opening of the workshop.  Welcome – Chairperson, Mr. Michel Thomas, Operations Officer (CTCS), CDB, and Mr. Edward Greene. Division Chief, Technical Cooperation Division, CDB.

Below: Participants planning and presenting their projects/programmes in a hands-on practical manner.

Below: Closing speeches, some course certificates, and an end of workshop photo.

Capacity Development Work with the Caribbean Development Bank

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