CIDT conduct largest research survey of its kind in Somaliland

Workshop in Somaliland

In January and February 2020, CIDT staff and associates conducted the first annual survey for the Somaliland Development Fund Phase 2 programme. This has included research design, developing survey materials, conducting enumerator and researcher training of local staff and providing logistical support for survey implementation. The project moves into the analysis and reporting stage in March 2020 when data from 6 regions will be synthesised and analysed for emerging trends.

With no current national census data in Somaliland, the survey represents a national socio-economic and livelihoods dataset for the Government of Somaliland and other stakeholders.

Over an eight week period 78 people – forming five qualitative research teams, twelve teams of quantitative enumerators and five vehicle count teams- were trained and deployed to six regions in Somaliland to conduct quantitative questionnaires and collect qualitative information on socio-economic, environmental, infrastructure and delivery service impacts on daily lives.

Workshop in Somaliland

The scope of the survey is national, targeting Somaliland citizens at household level, consumers and producers from urban, rural and nomadic areas (the three main settings of the SDF project) and the project focus areas of roads, water and productive livelihoods (fisheries, livestock and agriculture).

The first annual project survey collected baseline qualitative and quantitative data for selected indicators in the SDF programme results framework; findings will be used to update targets, milestones and assumptions for future programming and provide further evidence to substantiate the SDF theory of change.

The design of the survey is quasi-longitudinal with a cohort of households selected at baseline, and GPS coordinates are recorded in order that these households may be tracked every year to estimate the causal impact of the SDF intervention on the target population over the course of the phase two programme life (2018-2022).

The Somaliland Development Fund was established to provide a single vehicle through which development partners could support Somaliland’s development goals.

Phase 2 of implementation focuses on inclusive economic development: supporting the Government of Somaliland in delivering sustainable infrastructure that encourages job creation and fast growth, while laying the foundations for long-term resilience and development for a more stable and peaceful Somaliland.

SDF activities are being led by BMB Mott MacDonald, contracted by DFID as the Fund Manager who coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and National Development (MoPND) Government of Somaliland, particularly with the Somaliland Central Statistics Department. CIDT provide four technical specialists to support SDF.

Workshop in Somaliland

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