CIDT at the Education for Sustainability in a Climate Crisis conference

Philip Dearden recently presented a session on ‘Bridging the Practical and Academic Aspects of Climate Change and Sustainability through Capacity Development work – A case study of the Social Enterprise work of the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) of the University of Wolverhampton.’

In this short session, Philip outlined how staff in CIDT have been involved with capacity development work to mitigate against climate change and to ensure Environmental Sustainability for much of their 50-year history.

In the presentation, Philip firstly introduced CIDT and their capacity-strengthening model. He then illustrated this model through a quick look back at CIDT’s capacity strengthening work in Amazonia, Brazil, Nepal and Rwanda. He then introduced their work with the international Chevening Environmental Governance Programmes and more recently their forestry and wildlife governance programmes and work across the African Congo region, which was recently showcased at COP26.

In the second part of the presentation, Philip built upon CIDT’s international work and reflected upon the University of Wolverhampton ‘Glocal’ work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Recent changes in educational curricular were then briefly examined and the need for further developments in relation to the three University Cs of Curricular, Campuses and Communities emphasised. In conclusion, the need for future teaching with an international climate justice approach was stressed.

Hosted by the Universities of Worcester and Wolverhampton from 5-6 July 2022 this Education for Sustainability in a Climate Crisis: International Perspectives conference had a wide variety of presenters. These ranged from academics and teachers, through to postgraduates, undergraduates, and primary school children. It was a great to hear international viewpoints from the UK as well as those coming from Canada through to Hong Kong and from India through to Zambia.

Watch the presentation

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