Capacity Strengthening

CIDT offer practical solutions for positive change, based on our 40+ years of experience teaching, training, supporting and facilitating learning among a wide range of individuals and groups as well as helping to establish systems, strategies and tools for sustainable development.

Our holistic Capacity Strengthening model

CIDT's Capacity Strengthening Model


CIDT believe that the key to effective, inclusive and sustainable development is ensuring that individuals can attain their full potential; that organisations are capable of performing effectively and efficiently; and that programmes/projects are able to reach their goals. Therefore, we strive to develop the competencies of individuals to perform specific tasks as well as enhance the capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations to perform efficiently and effectively. We also promote results-oriented projects and programmes, and we strengthen institutions through improved strategies, frameworks and high-level plans. Ultimately, we seek to strengthen the capacity of diverse stakeholders to contribute to sustainable local and international developmentWhat do we mean by competencies, capabilities and capacity?


CIDT strengthen the capacity of: individuals; teams and organization as well as both formal and informal platforms and networks at national, regional and international levels; programmes and projects; and institutions (through national, regional, or global frameworks and strategies). We believe that effective social change and development is dependent on strong capacity at all of these levels.

To do this, we work with a wide range of stakeholders, including front-line implementers, national decision- and policy-makers, and international development agencies.


We at CIDT believe that solutions to development challenges should be led from within, by the organisations and individuals in whom the potential resides.  With capacity strengthening at the heart of everything we do, our role is primarily to facilitate or catalyse the process of positive transformation.

We strive to offer holistic solutions to capacity strengthening, by providing support at all stages in the capacity development cycle shown in our Capacity Strengthening Model at the top of the page.  We also use diverse approaches to reinforce different types of capacity at various levels. These include:

  • Institutional strengthening to foster enabling environments.
  • Reinforcement of Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM) approaches;
  • Organisational Development (OD) and team-building among formal organizations and non-formal platforms/networks; and
  • Human resources development and other forms of continuous professional development (CPD) at the individual level.

Examples of services at all levels

The support that we provide is tailored to the specific requests of our clients and needs of our beneficiaries. The diagram below shows a few examples of the types of Capacity Strengthening products and services we have offered to date, at each level:

capacity strengthening services