This page answers some common queries regarding our courses. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Can you develop a bespoke training package tailored to my organisation’s needs?

Yes – all CIDT training is tailored to meet the needs and context of the organisation. You can build your own training package or use our enquiry form to request a call back to discuss your organisation’s training needs.

How much does it cost?

CIDT training and workshops will be costed based on venue, number of participants, number of trainers required, preparation of training materials etc. Once you let us know your requirements we will cost your bespoke training package.

Where is the training held?

CIDT training can be held in residential facilities on the Telford campus of the University of Wolverhampton, or in a venue to be provided by the client in the UK or overseas.

Most CIDT-led training and workshops take place at country-level, where the participants are based, or at sub-regional or regional level in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. In addition, some training programs are offered online via e-learning platforms. We can also host courses on the Telford campus of the University of Wolvehampton in UK, upon request.

How many participants should be in a single training/workshop?

A typical training ratio for the participatory approach used by CIDT would be one trainer-facilitator to 15 participants. However CIDT is experienced in fielding training teams for groups of 5 to 100 participants. Our online courses also allow for a more flexible approach. Read more about our approach to training.

What post-training support does CIDT offer?

Follow up coaching and mentoring can be built into CIDT training packages. For example on our Results-Based Management training, participants can be supported to develop project logical frameworks post-training, or on our Proposal Writing training, each participant can receive support and feedback on proposals developed.

Can the courses be accredited?

Both CIDT’s online and face-to-face courses can be accredited through the Institute of Leadership and Management, the UK’s largest management body, at an additional fee per participant. Registering with ILM gives participants access to all the resources on the ILM website for one year.

Can individuals register on CIDT courses?

Most CIDT courses are delivered for groups or organisations. At present we do not hold ‘open’ courses, which allow individual registration. Individuals can register on our online Results-Based Management course.

In which languages can training/workshops be conducted?

Currently, all of our training courses and workshops are available in English. Some courses are available in French and Spanish, and others can be translated upon request. We have worked for many years with a team of professional translators/interpreters, who can be used to deliver training/workshops in multiple languages simultaneously. See our page on French and Spanish delivery for more details.