Project/Programme Management

CIDT has  long experience of appraising and designing large, complex projects to be inclusive and address critical issues. We manage  multi-year international development programmes and projects on behalf of the EC, DFID, CDKN and others.  CIDT  has a strong track record in effectively managing medium-term framework contracts (with call-down assignments) and individual consultancy agreements for short-term work.

Our work in this Service Area involves:

  • Starting with situation appraisal and design of projects/programmes that are grounded in stakeholder needs and current priorities.
  • Managing international project offices and implementation teams at a distance.
  • Conducting quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement (QI), to ensure that deliverables of our staff, associates/consultants, and/or partners meet expected standards.
  • Taking a capacity strengthening approach to project/programme management, whereby we strive to develop the capacity of our implementing partners and beneficiaries. This may involve supporting management and institutional development of national programme management units, to promote sustainability and lasting change.
  • Ensuring compliance with client rules and regulations, so that expected outputs are attained and required deliverables are submitted.
  • Promoting continuous learning to inform adjustments to programming during the life of the project (LOP) as well as dissemination of findings and lessons upon project close-out to inform future initiatives.

To each of our programmes or projects, we apply the Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM) model (Fig. 1), we use tested Results-Based Management (RBM) tools, and we apply Managing for Development Results (MfDR) principles.

For descriptions of a selection of our programmes and projects, please visit our work.

Proposal writing workshops in Guyana

Figure 1. The Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM) model at CIDT

PPCM model