M&E technical assistance to Public Policy Analysis and Management and Project Cycle Management training programme (Caribbean Development Bank)

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), like other multilateral development banks, recognises that sustainable development is significantly compromised by a shortage of well-trained personnel in the fields of Public Policy Analysis and Management (PPAM) and Project Cycle Management (PCM) and, in particular, PPAM and PCM skills that are consistent with the principles of development effectiveness. 

CIDT was commissioned by the Bank in 2013 to conduct a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) to inform the design and delivery of a new programme of PPAM and PCM training. Several major challenges which currently impact the effectiveness of interventions in Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) were identified by the TNA process, within both BMCs and the Bank itself.  Read more about the 2013 TNA findings here http://cidt.org.uk/portfolio/training-needs-assessment-tna-in-project-cycle-management-and-public-policy-analysis-and-management-caribbean-development-bank/

CIDT has now been contracted to provide Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Assistance to Phase 1 of the CDB’s new PPAM and PCM capacity development programme. The objective of the assignment is to design and implement a country-led system for the collection and collation of data/information in the first six programme countries to measure the degree to which the PPAM and PCM Training Programme is implemented as planned and whether the intended results are being achieved over that Phase of the programme period.

The assignment will include assisting the Bank to establish a country-led M&E system in the six phase one countries and conducting the mid-term evaluation  phase 1 of the Programme; with a strong focus on lesson learning to influence the programme roll-out to a further 12 BMCs. Phase 1 includes Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Trinidad and Tobago, and the CDB staff training component.