Improving Forest Governance course (DFID)

The DFID-funded Improving Forest Governance course and associated grant-funded activities (2010 – 2015)

Through DFID Forest Governance, Markets and Climate grant funding, CIDT designed and delivers a six-week training course, focusing on the governance issues underpinning Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade – Voluntary Partnership Agreements (FLEGT-VPA).

After 5 years of delivery, the IFG course alumni include over 120 participants from 25 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Delivered in English, French and Spanish the programme includes modules on Forest Governance, Trade Incentives and Communication for Multi-Stakeholder platforms.

Bringing different sectors together

The course is designed to bring together participants from different sectors (Government, civil society, private sector, academic, media, communities, indigenous groups) in recognition that forest governance is dynamic, complex and requires the participation of multiple stakeholders. The course aims to strengthen the performance of frontline players in implementing practical steps to improve forest governance in their countries and regions.