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Review of policies, systems and programs in social protection and shock response for adaptive social protection (World Bank)

The World Bank has commissioned CIDT and the Nepal Institute for Social and Environmental Research, to carry out a technical assistance project that enhances the understanding of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and Social Protection (SP) programs and delivery systems to assess how SP programs could improve risk management, preparedness and better respond to shocks. The ...

Strengthening Non-State Actor Involvement in Forest Governance in South East Asia (EU/BirdLife)

CIDT is working with Birdlife International as capacity building partner for its ‘Strengthening Non-state Actor Involvement in Forest Governance in South East Asia’ project. The 5-year EU funded project, a ‘sister’ project to CIDT’s Citizen Voices for Change’ project in the Congo Basin,  will support existing FLEGT and REDD+ initiatives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New ...

Citizen Voices for Change: Congo Basin Forest Monitoring Project (CV4C)

This 4-year project aims to strengthen the contribution of non-state actors (NSA), such as civil society (CS), Indigenous Peoples (IP) and community organisations, to improving forest governance, sustainable forest management and the contribution of forests to development in five Congo Basin countries. Project funding This project has been established with the financial support of the European ...

Evaluation of Strategic Plan (Commonwealth Secretariat)

CIDT is conducting an independent evaluation of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Strategic Plan 2013/14-16/17. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the prioritization, relevance to the Commonwealth’s needs, effectiveness and impact of the Secretariat’s projects and programmes. Covering the three years of the plan’s implementation, the evaluation will provide an independent opinion on the design of ...

M&E technical assistance to Public Policy Analysis and Management and Project Cycle Management training programme (Caribbean Development Bank)

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), like other multilateral development banks, recognises that sustainable development is significantly compromised by a shortage of well-trained personnel in the fields of Public Policy Analysis and Management (PPAM) and Project Cycle Management (PCM) and, in particular, PPAM and PCM skills that are consistent with the principles of development effectiveness.  CIDT ...

Two decades of MfDR support to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Training in Project Cycle Management (PCM) and Logical Frame Approach (LFA); Roll out of FAO’s global RBM culture change initiative; Facilitation of Office/Departmental Workplanning; Ad hoc requests for facilitation of strategic planning and LogFrame workshops and; Advisory services in results frameworks, workplanning, and M&E. For almost two decades, FAO has been contracting CIDT to provide ...

Online Learning Development (Commonwealth Secretariat)

The Commonwealth Secretariat is the principal intergovernmental body of the Commonwealth, responsible for advancing and achieving the shared goals of the association’s 53 member governments in advancing democracy and development. CIDT has been contracted by the Strategic Planning and Evaluation Division (SPED) to develop and deliver an online training course in Results Based Management which is ...

Online Learning for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

CIDT has been contracted by the Trade Capacity Building Branch of UNIDO to develop an online training programme on Trade Capacity Development (TDC), with a focus on Quality Infrastructure (QI). The intended users are UNIDO’s national and international project staff as well as relevant government officers, private sector organisations and consumer groups. This online course ...

Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) Citizen Perception Survey

During 2015 CIDT Associates Tag McEntegart and Tendayi Kureya, worked with CIDT to produce the first ever Somaliland Government-sanctioned Citizen Perception* Survey and then carried out a second smaller survey to validate two DFID-specific project results. The work took place under the auspices of the DFID-funded Somaliland Development Fund (SDF), managed by Mott BMB, for ...

Gender Appraisal of Plantwise in Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh (CABI)

The renewed focus on women and girls in the international arena has placed much more importance on the need for existing strategies and new development initiatives to be gender sensitive and gender responsive. Women continue to face both legal and cultural barriers to accessing and benefiting from development initiatives. It is against this background that ...

Developing Results Framework and M&E system for emerging pandemic threats programme (FAO)

CIDT has been contracted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) to provide advisory services on the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) component of the second phase of the Emerging Pandemic Threats programme (EPT-2). The goal of this four-year programme is to reduce the risk and impact of emerging pandemic threats by using a One Health (OH) approach to prevention, detection, and response. More specifically, it aims to ensure:

Jamaica: Primary and Secondary Curriculum/Assessment Revision (IADB)

Project management of consortium including DPK and Pearson’s, to support the Ministry of Education, to develop and conduct a comprehensive assessment review with a representative sample of schools offering primary and secondary education to determine assessment standards, design a Grade 2 diagnostic test and a three year item bank and all accompanying resources including appropriate marking scheme and protocol, a grade nine diagnostic test and a school leavers’ certificate.

Training Needs Assessment (TNA) in Project Cycle Management and Public Policy Analysis and Management (Caribbean Development Bank)

A core function of the Caribbean Development Bank (CBD) is to “contribute to the harmonious economic growth and development of the member countries in the Caribbean ... and to promote economic co-operation and integration among them” as stated in Article 1 of the Bank’s Charter. To enable this, the CDB provides policy advice, loans and ...

Supporting the operations of the FONERWA Secretariat (CDKN)

In June 2013, the Government of Rwanda signed an historic agreement to capitalise its National Fund for the Environment, with £22.5 million support from the British International Climate Fund. In the first phase of work in 2012, funded by CDKN, CIDT had supported the Rwandan government to design a Fund that met national development needs and the quality requirements of international finance.

South-South Learning Climate Resource Mobilisation Exchange in Rwanda (CDKN)

Facilitated by Rachel Roland of CIDT and Julienne Nier of CDKN the specific purpose of the workshop was to Support South-South Dialogue on challenges and opportunities related to long-term finance for low emissions and climate resilient development.

Rwanda – Land Tenure Regularisation Support Programme (RNRA)

CIDT have been providing capacity development support to the Rwandan Land Tenure Regularisation Support Programme for the past year.

Zambia Education Sector Support – ZESSTA (DFID)

This programme has moved from inception to project implementation phase. The British Council is responsible for delivering this programme in partnership with Ecorys, the Forum for African Women Educationalists of Zambia (FAWEZA) and the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) University of Wolverhampton.

Improving Forest Governance course (DFID)

Through DFID Forest Governance, Markets and Climate grant funding, CIDT designed and delivers a six-week training course, focusing on the governance issues underpinning Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade – Voluntary Partnership Agreements (FLEGT-VPA).

Lesson Learning from National Climate Compatible Development (CDKN)

CIDT is leading this project to capture, synthesise and share country solutions and best practice emerging from national-level climate change planning in four Africa countries.

Capacity Building in Proposal Writing for FGMC Programme (DFID)

Through the 2012-2015 Forest Governance Markets and Climate (FGMC) Programme funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DfID), CIDT is empowering and strengthening the capacity of key actors from timber exporting countries to improve national forest governance for the benefit of forest-dependent communities.

Development of corporate stakeholder engagement strategy (AGRA)

This initiative – led by AGRA’s Policy and Advocacy Program and supported by its Communications Unit – recognizes that building strong and beneficial relationships with a wide range of constituencies is essential for AGRA to have a greater impact with regards to its mission to catalyse a uniquely African Green Revolution.

Congo Basin – championing forest peoples’ rights and participation (EU)

CIDT is the lead partner of this 2.5 year 1.9 million euro project in Cameroon and Central African Republic (CAR).

Project Cycle Management and Logical Frame Approach Training and Facilitation for DFID staff internationally (1997-2010)

After a detailed Training Needs Assessment phase a team of twelve CIDT staff provided a call-down service to DFID Offices around the globe, to provide tailor-made training to DFID Country Programme staff upon demand. Training themes included Project and Programme Cycle Management, logical frameworks and related DFID procedural rules and the focus and approach of the capacity development evolved over a number of contracts over the decade of CIDT engagement.

Global evaluation of UN Volunteer Programmes (UN)

CIDT conducted institutional mapping to identify and classify relevant programmes for evaluation. The six person team conducted 8 country missions to Liberia, Cape Verde, Burkino Faso, Togo, Vietnam, Nepal, Peru and Nicaragua to look at a diverse range of UNV interventions past and present.

Forestry Capacity Needs Assessment Liberia (DFID)

A team from CIDT have completed this capacity needs assessment of forest sector stakeholders, which is intended to inform DFID’s ongoing programme of support to the implementation of the Voluntary Partnership Agreement between Liberia and the EU.

Evaluation of Global Partnership for Youth Investment (World Bank)

Half the world's unemployed are under 24, youth unemployment has reached epic proportions over the past two decades. Although young people represent 25 per cent of the working age population, they make up closer to 50 per cent of the people out of work worldwide - some 88 million 15 to 24 year olds are ...

Design and Scoping of Government of Rwanda’s Environment Fund (CDKN)

In 2012 CDKN supported the six-month design phase, including the Terms of Reference for the Fund’s establishment and operation. The purpose of the fund is to ensure sustainable financing is accessible to support environmental sustainability, resilience to climate change and green growth.

Rwanda’s Fund for the Environment and Climate Change, FONERWA (DFID)

In 2012 the Government of Rwanda established FONERWA as a cross-sectoral financing mechanism to achieve the development objective of environmentally sustainable, climate resilient and green economic growth.

Strategic Planning for Education Board in Rwanda (Government of Rwanda)

CIDT provided technical assistance to the Rwandan Education Board to develop a costed Rwanda Education Board (REB) Strategic Plan aligned with the Education Sector Strategic Plan.

Advising on Women’s Health in Nigeria (Government of Nigeria)

CIDT is providing Senior Technical Advisers for Knowledge Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Value for Money, Gender, Social and Cultural Issues, Community Engagement and Quality of Teaching for this five year programme (2012 to 2017) which works with all the Health Training Institutions and Ministries of Health in five of the northern Nigerian states.

Rural Development in Zimbabwe (CAMFED)

CIDT staff carried out an evidence based assessment of the outcomes achieved through the CAMFED three-year project ‘Transforming lives in Rural Zimbabwe 2011-2014.

Nepal’s Livelihoods and Forestry Programme (DFID)

The Livelihoods and Forestry Programme (LFP) was a long term bilateral aid programme funded by DFID. CIDT was awarded a five-year DFID contract to provide technical, management and financial advisory services for phase two of this programme

Education Sector Support Programme St. Helena Government (DFID)

Through a series of three DFID-funded contracts, CIDT have provided management support to the St Helena Education and Employment Directorate in improving the education service, in relation to education policy and planning and management and curriculum development for primary and secondary education.

Building a new future for education in Jamaica (DFID)

The Jamaica All Age Schools Project (JAASP) worked with 48 remote, rural ‘All-Age schools’, most perched on the most inaccessible mountain tops, over 3 years in clusters representing each of the six education regions of the island.

Design and Development of Project Management Program (Asian Development Bank)

In 2009 the Asian Development Bank recognised that whilst staff had good knowledge in managing projects within their specific area, they did not necessarily have a comprehensive understanding of Project Management around the project cycle in its entirety. CIDT were contracted to conduct a comprehensive inventory exercise of (a) Bank business processes, operational policies, guidelines, and ...

Strengthening Africa Forest Governance project (EU)

CIDT is leading the implementation of this four-year 2.4 million euro EU-FLEGT capacity strengthening project, with implementing partners: the IDL group, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), and Global Witness.