• CIDT alumni return home to make an impact in Forest Governance

    3 September 2015
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    IFG 2015 Awards Ceremony
    IFG closing presentation

    Download the IFG 2015 closing presentation by Hugh Speechly.

    CIDT bid farewell to the 46 participants of the 2015 Improving Forest Governance, who returned to their 22 countries of origin to put new learning into practice. Mr Hugh Speechly closed the IFG course on behalf of the European Forestry Institute (EFI), one of the key course sponsors, along with DFID. Hugh emphasised six broad dimensions of governance, including voice and accountability, rule of law, control of corruption and regulatory quality. Echoing a recent Chatham House report, he noted that Governance reforms in many producer countries have slowed and getting back on track will require a step change in political commitment and willingness to tackle more difficult governance issues. Applying governance trends to participants’ own countries, he challenged the participants on what they could do to make a difference upon their return.

    In the final weeks of the course, participants chose from optional modules on Forests and Climate Change, Training of Trainers, Project Proposal Writing and Gender in Forest Governance. These modules were designed deepen knowledge, but also to equip participants to share learning upon return. Working with a personal tutor, each participant developed a personal action plan, detailing concrete practical steps to contribute to improving forest governance upon return home.

    CIDT wishes all alumni well and look forward to connecting again in six months, when we follow up on participant action plans and impact.

    Images from the closing day of IFG 2015

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  • International Forest Governance practitioners learn from the experience of Rwanda in climate compatible development

    1 September 2015
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    Alex Mulisa

    Mr Alex Mulisa, Coordinator of FONERWA, the Government of Rwanda National Fund for Environment and Climate Change visited Telford this Summer to speak to the Improving Forest Governance 2015 course.

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  • Community or state-managed forestry? The Improving Forest Governance participants visit Cannock Chase and Wales to find out more

    16 July 2015
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    As part of the 6-week Improving Forest Governance course, 46 participants from 22 timber producing and processing countries undertook three field visits to Wales, Cannock Chase and Lathams Timber Yard.

    Long Wood Community Woodland

    On 13 June 2015 the IFG group headed to rural west Wales to visit a community woodland group. Long Wood Community Woodland is a 121 hectare site regarded as Plantation on Ancient Woodland (PAWS), which lies just north of Lampeter in County Ceredigion. Long Wood is a long-established group that has faced many challenges but remain a strong and cohesive group. IFG participants were hosted by the managing board and the staff for talks, and received tours of the woodland, sawmill and crafts with the local community group members.

    The key themes of the study visit were to look at: how community forest management differs from state control; and look at the opportunities for communities to generate income from a woodland as a social enterprise. The group stayed in Aberystwyth, and were hosted by the community in the evening and received a wonderful performance from Cwmann & District Male Voice Choir.

    Download the Long Wood Field Trip Guide.

    Cannock Chase

    On 18 Jun 2015 the IFG participants visited Cannock Chase to find out how the public forest estate is managed in England. Cannock Chase forest is a public (government) forest managed by the Forestry Commission (FC), and is utilized for recreational purposes, timber production and conservation. The IFG group met local staff to find out how key long term decisions are taken and implemented, and in particular to hear about how forest management planning handles competing priorities for the long-term benefit of both people and the environment.

    The key themes of this study visit were to look at the governance of public forests in England; forest management planning and consultation; certification of timber, recreation and the social role of public forests and how the FC responds to climate change.

    Latham’s Timber Yard

    On 17th June as part of the module on Developing Trade Incentives, IFG participants were hosted by James Latham’s Timber Yard, in Dudley. The theme of the visit was to learn about how a UK company imports sustainable and legal timber, and the processes and systems through which that is realized.

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  • CIDT’s Improving Forest Governance participants take part in the Illegal Logging Update at Chatham House

    10 July 2015
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    Chatham House IFG visit

    CIDT was proud to take our 46 Improving Forest Governance (IFG) participants to the 25th Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting at Chatham House on 25th June.

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