Facilitation of participatory workshops and other processes

CIDT offers facilitation  of workshops and other types of participatory analysis or planning processes that either:

  • culminate in a ‘real’ product (i.e., national education curriculum, institutional results framework, global strategy, corporate communications strategy, organisational strategic plan, stakeholder engagement strategy, programme or project LogFrame, grant proposal, SWOT analysis, etc.); or
  • bring groups together for decision-making, planning, advocacy, experience-sharing, organisational learning, project/programme lesson-learning, etc.
National Quality Infrastructure Project training

An example of facilitation and experience sharing

Examples of our work in this area

Our approach to facilitation

Our work in this area involves:

  • taking into account the client/participant needs and interests when developing a programme and detailed agenda, to ensure that  objectives/outputs will be attained;
  • applying our expertise in adult learning pedagogy to design and deliver sessions/exercises that will fully engage participants of diverse backgrounds and learning styles;
  • managing potentially challenging group dynamics while ensuring that sessions are on track in terms of time and objectives; and
  • playing an important role as an unbiased mediator who brings together different groups to share, reflect upon, learn about, and/or make decisions about key information.