CIDT supports development of Macedonia Decent Work Country Programme with the ILO

26 June 2018
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There is increasing pressure on policy makers to define tangible and quantifiable results of policy interventions and to monitor them. This holds true for the International Labour Office (ILO) as well as for its constituents including Ministries of Labour, employers, and trade unions.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an important management tool that helps to track whether programmes are on track or need to make changes.  Good M&E helps to answer the public’s frequent requests to know which programmes work and which do not.  The recently review of the ILO’s last Decent Country Work Plan (DWCP) for Macedonia highlighted the need to strengthen M&E.

In view of this ILO requested Philip Dearden (Head of CIDT) to provide refresher training on key concepts of M&E applying them to the planning of the Decent Work Country Programme for Macedonia (2018 to 21).  The training was targeted at some 27 specialists and mid-level managers of the Ministry of Labour of Macedonia, the Employers’ Confederation, and the key Trade Union staff in the country.

The specific learning objectives of the two day event were to provide a refresher on key concepts of results measurement and practice its application in actually preparing the new DWCP for Macedonia.

Sessions were held on the

  • Rationale for results measurement,
  • Key concepts of results measurement and its application to the planning of the new DWCP,
  • Improving the M&E frameworks of key outcomes proposed under the new DWCP.

The results of the workshop were that the:

  • M&E skills of ILO constituents in Macedonia were refreshed,
  • Key DWCP outcomes are complemented by solid indicators of achievement and the key deliverables per outcome are clearly defined,
  • There was agreement on the way forward how to complete the DWCP including monitoring mechanisms.

    Some participant comments from the end of Clinic Evaluation:

  • Very good educative training
  • Interesting and useful lessons – excellent lecturer
  • Excellent facilitation
  • Good ways of sharing experiences, knowledge and skills and bringing many thoughts together for improvement of country general
  • Well done – very good!
  • Excellent presentations
  • Very good workshop format
  • Good concrete discussions
  • Comprehensive agenda
  • Motivation – very good!
  • Well-grounded workshop
  • Excellent high quality trainer/facilitator.

Photos from the training

Below: Maria Borsos presenting the findings of the Review of the last Macedonia Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP).

Below: Clinic participants working on planning the new Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP)

Below: Clinic participants working on planning the new Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP)